11 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Beautician

July 23, 2016

We must have faith in the professionals, they're called experts for a reason. They definitely know more than us as they've acquired skills and knowledge over several years!

So why not ask the best and get the best?

Here are the 11 questions you can ask your personal beautician!

1. Are these waxing knives sanitized?

Well, hygiene and beauty go hand in hand, you have every right to be sure that the equipment used on you is thoroughly sterilized.

2. What kind of products are you using for my skin facial?

Because there are different kinds of skin types, each one requires products that are suitable for their unique skin type. One must be aware of the brands being used on them!

3. Waxing underarms regularly could cause the skin to sag and using a razor could make it darker, which of the two is a better option?

A lot of women struggle between, waxing and using a razor. Both have their pro's and con's, try understanding what works for you!

4. How often do I need to indulge in a pedicure?

If you're into field work, fitness, adventure or sports you may need pedicures more often than others. Give your beautician a background of the nature of your work and she should be able to help!

5. How should I deal with blackheads, acne, and pimples?

Oily skin and dry skin call for different methodologies of dealing with skin problems. Home-made remedies may work better than chemical creams and face washes. Ask your beautician for some quick tips to get rid of these skin issues depending on your skin type.

6. What can I do to retain moisture in my skin and hair? How can I prevent them from getting dry?

Dry hair and skin can cause cracking and itchiness. It might be nice for you to get some advice on how to maintain hydration for your skin and hair. Drinking lots of water is one effective way for sure!

7. What are the other benefits of body massages apart from de-stressing and increased blood circulation? And what kind of massage should I get?

From foot reflexology and back massages to head and neck massages. There are so many ways in which a massage can be done. Let your beautician in on the kind of lifestyle you live and then follow her advice on the massage that works best for you! REMEMBER, "The parts that hold the maximum tension need more attention."

8. What precautions can I take to prevent hair loss?

In case you share this concern, let us tell you diet and sleep are the most important factors in maintaining healthy hair. However, your beautician might be able to give you some deeper insights on what kinds of diet you must follow or what are the oils you can apply in order to nourish the scalp. She might also be able to help with certain hair growth therapies.

9. What is the best way to de-tan?

Get the age-old question answered by your professional beautician. She may be able to give you some home-made, DIY de-tan remedies. Ingredients like rose-water, lime, cucumber, and curd will go a long way in helping you regain your former complexion.

10. What kind of face care regime can I follow on an everyday basis?

Your face is super important, it is the first thing anyone notices about you. Get tips on what you can do to ensure the everyday problems like dullness and dark circles don't take the charm of your face away!

11. Will bleaching harm me?

Some skin types are sensitive and get rashes or boils after a bleach. Find out whether or not your skin is suitable to bleaching.

P.S.:Remember, you're fabulous!

Get expert beauty services at home!

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