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7:13 pm 20 May 2015
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12:29 pm 21 May 2015
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12:29 pm 21 May 2015
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. booked Carpenter 20/05/2015
8:00 pm · Powai
" Sonal called serviceman but his number is not reachable. Sonal called servicemen if he has reached or not. He said that he has reached but the task wont be completed today as he needs wood and that can be done tomorrow. He has told the customer and customer is okay with it and has asked to come after on virender informed that he has done the carpenter work item cost and service cost is. Virender even did ac servicing for the user so he ac service cost is total is " - Taskbob Operator
Virendera performed the service
"Megha - 22/05/2015 at 1.12 p.m - spoke with customer said the service was good, he satisfied with the service, Said he find the charges are high. Given rating of 4.5 stars."
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