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1:51 pm 09 Aug 2015
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Abhi booked Carpenter 09/08/2015
5:00 pm · Powai
" Customer has carpenter work as his aluminum glass should be replaced some other work has be done. Babu r has given the quotation of r. Waiting for confirmation. Called the serviceman he told that he gave quotation of and waiting for confirmationcalled the cus he told he is not confirmed about when he would need the service tomorrowso give call to this customer tomorrow by called the serviceman he is unreachableplease ask babu r prajapati to give discount on overall service cost as the cus had referred his wife for the service and has therefore got as discountconfirmed the se with atul serviceman gave the quotation he will let us know on. Time not confirmed from the customer. Customer was busy asked to call after some time " - Taskbob Operator
Babu performed the service
"divyata 13/8/2015 11:20am user is satisfied, but informed serviceman was bit late but user is ok with it. "
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