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3:13 pm 16 May 2015
Hardik booked service
9:08 pm 20 May 2015
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1:19 pm 21 May 2015
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Hardik booked Carpenter 16/05/2015
4:00 pm · Powai
" Spoke with satyender said he need to buy plywood. So he will revisit on between to p. M user informed that he will contact carpenter when he wants service. Satyander told that user called him at his place and told again that will call u again tomorrowcalled the user but dinot answer the call satyander informed that user has called at but he has already task at. Need to confirm with the user spoke with user said he will call servicemen by today evening or else tomm moarning for the confirmation. Satyander informed that user has called after days that is on fo workhave to confirm se with userit to call satyendra after hours to confirm order of st. Sonal servicemen number not reachable to confirm regarding st task. Sonal called servicemen. He asked to call the customer and check for the time. Called customer. Customer asked to send servicemen on at " - Taskbob Operator
Satyendra performed the service
"Sonal 21/5/2015 5:03pm Customer is happy with the service"
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