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1:44 pm 24 Aug 2015
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10:53 am 24 Aug 2015
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4:24 pm 24 Aug 2015
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Nishit booked Electrician 24/08/2015
3:00 pm · -
" At. P. M user wants to shift the logo of his shop to the other place so need to do the some wiring if serviceman is not available inform user accordingly if available asked him to reach by. P. M. Reminder call given to the serviceman he will reach by " - Taskbob Operator
Abhay performed the service
"Ankita 25/8/15- 2:57pm customer was overall happy but mentioned that when he specified calling for the servicemen to carry the machine it wasn't done from our side either not informed by the OE or the servicemen didnt carried it."
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